JDLand is gone

I have shutdown the Minecraft jdland server. Z just does not play Minecraft very often (actually, he never plays it), so I could not justify its continued operation viagra kautabletten.

The Terraria server is still up and running, and Z is even asking for a second instance of the server for something he calls a Let’s Play server. We shell see….

ExciteBots – The Game

Zakk and I enjoy playing the Wii together. Initially, we spent lots of time together playing the Cars series of games (you know, the ones with Lightning McQueen, Mater and company). One of our neighbors loaned us a copy of Excite Truck. We played this for several days and really enjoyed it. We liked it so much that we went out and bought the game. We took turns working on tracks until we played our way through the entire game. We enjoyed the magical truck reward after getting through all of the levels.

One day after going out to eat, we stopped by a GameStop viagra sildenafil citrate. We noticed a different game called ExciteBots which seemed to be a derivative of Excite Truck. The cover art made the game seem very different from Excite Truck, but we took a chance and bought the game. We are glad that we did. It turns out that ExciteBots has all of the fun of Excite Truck, but with much faster actions, and the bonus of online game play. We have been hooked ever since.

The online component of ExciteBots is the hook that keeps us coming back to the game. Your ExciteBots profiles can be up to seven characters, so we initially chose CoprHed as our first online profile name. The name came from Zakk’s recent encounter with a Copperhead snake in our back yard. As he says, he touched the Copperhead and lived to tell about it.

We played together on this profile for about our first million stars. Zakk started getting much better than me, so he requested that I no longer use his profile while racing online. I then started a new profile for myself, which was born as No Good.

The ExciteBots online community has been a fairly modestly sized group of gamers through the years, but many of us tend to be quite dedicated to the game. Many of the online ExciteBotters end up on Joom’s (a fellow ExciteBotter) forum. You can find Joom’s forum at The Game Community.